Diamond Traffic TT-200 Vehicle Loop-based Counter Zoom

Diamond Traffic TT-200 Vehicle Loop-based Counter

Inductive Loop counter

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Product Description


Inductive Loop traffic detector The Traffic Tally is used to count traffic in one or two lane applications. The unit. operates at very low power and is able to work with standard or custom loops to detect vehicle and bicycle traffic simultaneously. The unit contains a built in liquid crystal display to show accumulated counts on each channel, and has LED indictators for channel status and detections, The TT-200 is powered by 8 "D" Cell alkaline batteries providing an average operational. Life of 2 years. The unit can be operated simply by its three button interface and has selectable frequency and sensitivity ranges for each channel independently. The unit can be operated stand alone without the need for any external software or hardware. Optionally the TT-200 can be equipped with a real time data logger that can store timestamp events for count/classification data processing, storing up to 120 million events in memory and has an expected 10-year battery life independent of the detector so data is never lost. Using the Diamond Centurion or Optio software, the data logger can be programmed and data retrieval is simple. Centurion Software features advanced processing of data providing easy exports to Excel and 17 different export formats with over 20 different reports formats. Price is for unit only - with Data Logger and software please contact TCS Products for quotation